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Ewa Emini


Ewa is a London-based, interdisciplinary artist, who specializes in movement storytelling and character physicality, by reviewing well known stories and creating new one. 

She is a certified Public Health specialist and alumna from MA in Movement: Directing and Teaching from RCSSD, London. She combines her 'non-stress' approach, gained thanks to Public Health with her knowledge of psychology and philosophy, interest in magic, rituals, and cognitive science to build authentical stage characters, and immersive experience of theatre. Her approach to movement incorporates a wide variety of acting methods, like Grotowski and Stanislavski's Technique, dance: Contact Improvisation, and other Contemporary Dance techniques, movement practices, BMC somatic practices, site-specific performance like also an experimental way of using lighting and props. 

Ewa creates her work to tell the untold stories of human experience, by centering interest around a personal journey of the character. In her work, she is interested in transformative languages from everyday actions and social themes and their interconnected relationships to the body, space, and materials. She places importance on collaboration with artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to explore movement and specific disciplinary vocabularies.


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