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“If it tempts you so much, try it in spite of my prohibition. But take note: I am powerful. And I am only the most lowly gatekeeper. But from room to room stand gatekeepers, each more powerful than the other.” 

                                                                                                                                         - Before the Law Franz Kafka


Performance ‘Before the Law’ is inspired by Franz Kafka’s novel under the same title. It is a durational performance that explores its performance text through the interaction between body, space, materials and the text itself. Most of the performance presents a series of actions - movements of the performer - which happens ‘before the law’; and it is the ‘before’ that the performance is mostly about



Creative Team: 
Concept Creation: Cao Cong

Devising Artists: Ewa Limanówka, Cao Cong

Performer: Ewa Limanówka

Live music: Cos Chapman    

Lighting: Jack Hathaway       

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