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2022/23- October/January; “SCROOGE “modern, one man show retell of “A Christmas Carol”, The White Bear Theatre,

Since 2021- ‘Before She Goes’, movement based short film currently in postproduction, based on ‘Eh Joe’ by Samuel Beckett, 2021-2022 ( )

Since 2022- ‘UNTITLED’, based on Franz Kafka ‘Metamorphosis’, R&D for the performance, produced by Verse Unbound, 2022 ( )

2020- March-June;‘TRANSMITTING’ Life Zoom Performance, London, Madrid, Warsaw, ( )


2022- 'KINK' short film written and directed by Freya Mavor, produced by Backscatter productions & Lunapark Pictures film, London, 26 March, 2022

2022- 'ROCK ROSE', presented by Yi Yang during The ECHO Festival, organised by  Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio 22 March, 2022

2022- 'We'll be Home for Christmas', written by Joe Facer, Directed by Adam Sandy, Coming as part of Make it Beautiful’s Shorts 2.0 festival at The White Bear Theatre in Kennington, 9th of March, 2022

2021- Movement directing on 'STELLA' a 'comedy drama about parents, self-discovery and living with irrevocable scars. It is a story of hope and a journey to self-acceptance. 'STELLA' is the first chapter of an anthology series in development. Directed by directed by Caroline Steinbeis, written by Ally Mackie, Produced by Backscatter Productions , Finite Films, Pinzutu Films  /Working on embodiment of the two main characters ,based on research of the split to the personality, breath work,  movement structure of the scenes,  London 

2021-  'Kiko, the oldest Lion', Genome Theatre for Annabel's Mayfair, devising movement for 'The Little Lion' , London 

2021- 'the SPARK Deck- Cards to spark creativity and movement', project initiate and led by me which invites different movement artists to explore created by me cards with movement provocations. Project was  shared on the Social Media. 

2020- R&D for ‘The Dark Matter’ Performance, Directed by Keziah Joseph- work on qualities of the Ballet, sensorial experience of skin bleaching, zoom, London, UK

2020- Movement director in ‘The Heart’ play directed by Anna Ostrovskaia, whitten by Gennady Ostrovkiy at Cambridge School of Art and Creative Industries, work on the embodiment of the characters and choreography of the play

2020- Movement consultation for Renée Henriette Eskildsen on the  embodiment of being possessed by the demons, short movie  

2020- Movement director in the Genesis 37, Genome Theatre, presented on TALOS IV: SCIENCE FICTION THEATRE FESTIVAL OF LONDON, work on the embodiment of characters and choreographed parts of the play

2020- Lecture for Idocde - International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education during Symposium MAKING PLACE, TAKING SPACE, lecture topic: How to work with the movement online

2020- Movement director. TRANSMITTING Live Zoom Performance.

2017-2019- Movement artist. Improvisation Performances. LAMP (Light-Audio-Movement-Performance). Skronkdance #1 and #3- New river studio, Lion house "U think" Art Residency, FLUX Festival - Illusions, London

2018- Movement director/performer; Before The Law, Directed by Cao Cong. Design & Craft Exhibition in The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.

2018- Movement director/performer Parts Of, Collaborative work with Francesc Serra Vila. MFA Scenography Showcase, Hackney Showroom, London

2017- Co-movement devisor/performer Molecules, TRIBE17, London International Art Festival.

2017- Co-choreographer, movement devisor/performer; Lingering Games, Directed by Cao Cong. A Verse Unbound production in collaboration with Clart Project and RCSSD. Worlds Stage Design Festiwal, Taipei, Taiwan



2021- Creating choreography and performing in the video clip 'Huele a ti' created in collaboration with Marco Beyermann and José M Galindo, London UK

2021- Video exploration which tries to pin 'What does the HOME means to us?', creative collaboration with Keziah Joseph, part of 'Kovid 19' Series, Episode 18: HOMEGIRLS, London UK

2020- Dance performance as a part of the Videoclip WOMEN OF THE HARVEST, Sutari, Warsaw Poland


2020- won audition for Assistant Movement Director Ayse Thaskiran for Dante or Die in project 'Kiss Marry Kill' which suppose to be presented in The National Theatre, London, but due to Covid-19 Pandemic got postponed. 

2020- Movement Director. Work on Genesis 37, collaboration with students from MA Advanced Theatre Course on embodied characteristics of characters in the play- 

2020- Actor movement teacher. Movement for actors. Mentored by Anna Healey. Working with 1st year BA (Hons) Acting Musical Theatre students, assisting on six one-hour movement class. Focusing on conditioning and creative exploration of different parts of the body.

2020- Movement director. Work on As You Like It by William Shakespeare, directed by Caroline Steinbeis. Creating movement language and embodied journey of Rosalind through the play.

2020- Actor movement teacher. Movement for actors. Individual work on devising character from movement with the costume. Teaching 1st year BA (Hons) Acting Musical Theatre students.

2019- Actor movement teacher. Movement for actors. Mentored by Anna Healey. Working with 1st year BA (Hons) Acting Musical Theatre students, assisting on seven two-hour class of movement fundamentals. Focusing on breathing, alignment, and isolations.


2021- Co-Curator - International Community for Movement (RCSSD), London UK

2021- Co-Curator- THE WOLF COMMUNITY, movement workshop connecting ritual of dinking Kakao and movement exploration to discover animal totem, hidden inside our movement,  lead by Kamila Zieba, workshop online

2015- Co-Curator, BODY AS A LANDSCAPE, Contact Improvisation intensive weekend workshop, organised independently in collaboration with Artur Papp, lead by Milan Kozanek, Cracow, Poland

2015- Co-Curator- monthly Contact Improvisation James with the live music played by local musician, Cracow, Poland

2015- workshop lead on the topic:  Ancient Greece Inspirations in the movement techniques of Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, and  Gardzienice Theatre organise together with parallel Ancient Greek songs and polyphonic singing, Zwierciadla Festival, Bydgoszcz, Poland

1.08-29.09.2013 as a Project Officer/Coordinator on Organising the Opening The European Centre for the Theatre Practices 26– 29.09.2013 responsibility for:

  • Admin work; creating and updating excel sheets with guest lists and they are arrival and departure,

  • Coordination of arriving and departure of the inviting guests and organising transport,

  • picking up and dropping invited guests to the airport, train station,

  • Allocation of the invited guests in Centre of the Theatre Practices and in the Gardzienice village,

  • Coordinating the students of the Academy at the time of the event, distribution of the tasks,

  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with the guests, being the first contact person to solve any problems,


2021- R&D devising and developing creative direction and ideas for MIND THE GAP multisensorial, mix art exhibition for Genome Theatre, London UK

2015 -2016 as a Photographer for Warsaw Dance Department; documentation of educational process during the classes, event and performances, pictures were used by the school to create an online advertisement and social media profiles,

2012 -2014 work for the Gardzienice Theatre years :

11.2012-08.2014 as a part of Technical Crew :

  • the projection for the Theatre Productions: ‘Ifigenia in T…’, ‘PYTHIAN ORATORIO’

  • co-creating a projection for the ‘PYTHIAN ORATORIO’

  • ensuring that the projections match the performance narrative and live music,

  • configure each slide to ensure the greatest experience for the audience,

  • quick and swift change between two shows, performed at the same evening event

 20.06.2014 as a Photographer during the visit of the President of Poland, Bronislaw Komorowski, Ewa was responsible for:

  • Photo documentation of President’s visit,

  • Maintain positive communication with the represents of President’s office.


2012 -2015 as a Medical Centre of Postgraduate Education on Collegium Medicum, Jagiellonian University; preparing the programs for the postgraduate studies, documentation of education, Cracov, Poland


2019 - 2020 The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, MA Movement: Directing and Teaching, Dissertation on Acting as the virtuosity of movement and exploring Body-Mind connections /Approach to acting based on Cognitive Science.

2015 - 2016 Warsaw Dance Department, Contemporary Dance Training

2012 - 2015 Academy of Theatre Practice in Gardzienice, Theatre Making


Introduction to the Fine Art, organised by Verse Unbound and Slade School of Fine Art, London

40 Days Yoga Challenge- practical course in Lumi Yoga studio, London

Choreography and Improvisation Course – with Seke Chimutengwende at Siobhan Davies Dance, London

Intensive workshop with Los Little guys (US)

The Places, Professional Classes: Jose Agudo, Amy Bell, Kristina and Sade Alleyne- Alleyne Dance, Aaron Vickers, Avant Garde Dance Company

The art and craft of acrobatic- Tom Weksler

Masterclass with Roberto Olivan

Masterclass Physical Theater with Vivian Wood

Contact Improvisation: Daniela Schwartz (Argentyna/Francja), Eckhard Mueller (Niemcy/Francja), Mirva Mäkinen (Finland), Ralf Jaroschinski (GER/USA), Daniela Schwartz (Argentina/FR), Eckhard Müller (GER/FR), Milan Kozanek (CZECH/SLOVAKIA), Malcolmem Maningiem (UK-FIN), Zuna Vesana Kozankowa (Czechy) Intensive workschop with Nita Little (USA)Iwona Olszowska


Teaching and movement directing via zoom

Physical Theatre,

Partnering acrobatic,

Contact Improvisation,


Dance Improvisation,

Devising movement,

Contemporary Dance,

Side specific- Improvisation,

Stage Lighting (basic level),

experimental lighting,


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