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Genome Theatre Company

A dystopian, science fiction play by Genome Theatre Company

Work in progress

“GENESIS 37” pushed boundaries and did so in a very polished presentation that was unsettling.”

— MD Theatre Guide

GENESIS 37 is an immersive, sci-fi performance premiering on the 3rd of November 2020 as part of Talos: Science Fiction Festival of London at the Cockpit Auditorium and Online via Zoom. A mix of live and online theatre taking up on the clash of identities between the female and the cyborg and the prevalent sense of dislocation of belonging. A menacing game of power and pleasure.

GENESIS 37 transports you to a near-future dystopia, where a deadly syndrome has killed 75% of the female population and left the rest barren. Humanity is on the brink of extinction. There must be a solution.

We are running out of time.

The World’s Advanced Neuroscience Department (W.A.N.D) believes our salvation hinges on human cloning. W.A.N.D introduces new life in a now dying world. You are invited to meet the creators, interview the first human clones, and take a step into a new world of possibilities.

W.A.N.D: The future is Alive.

Creative Team:

Co-Directors, and co-creators: Avgi Pourgoura, Amalia Paschalidi

Actors: Marlow Stainfield, Renee Eskildsen

Movement Directing: Ewa Limanowka 

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