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Bella Speaight
/actress/ Filmmaker & Co-founder @backscatterproductions

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Working with Ewa was eye opening in so many ways. She is intuitive and dynamic and always makes one feel so at ease. Having not done movement work for a very long time I was amazed how beneficial it was in the process of rehearsing for being in front of the camera.


Our first session was so liberating, I felt so connected to my body and my gut. Throughout working with her I really felt I grew as a performer, I felt more in tune with my instincts and was making bolder choices in my movements.


Ewa is so kind and warm and always made us feel so safe, having her on set with us was so comforting. She is amazing!


I had the privilege of working with Ewa as a movement coach on the production Genesis 37. She helped me gain an understanding of my character on a movement level I would never have thought of. She makes you play and discover most moves by yourself in exercises and then highlights them for you, to further develop them together. I also contacted her straight away when I had a physical focused character for a short film I’ll be doing next year.


I never really understood the importance of movement until I worked with Ewa and noticed what a difference it makes!


She is kind and hardworking and will be someone I’ll turn to for future projects.

Renee Eskilden

Keziah Joseph /actress


I really enjoyed working with Ewa. I think we found a good working relationship and a common language of movement exploration. I love how she would challenge me and draw on the things that I would do in improvisation to inform further movement offers and direction. I loved the discussions that we would have about character and story - nothing I'd say was too weird, and we would often bounce off of each other's perspectives. I find her process very enabling, imaginative and enjoyable and look forward to working with her again.

Marlow Stainfield


Working with Ewa is a privilege and she is an invaluable asset. She has always been able to marry the director's vision with the actor's instinct. I always looked forward to our one in one session because I knew they were going to be productive and insightful. Every session, she would invite me to express my goals, my focus, and my ideas for the character and this would inform how we would spend our time. She would get the ball rolling and we would build the character’s physicality together. She encouraged me to push the ideas to their limits, then we would scale it back to create a product everyone was happy with. Her process provided me with confidence in the constituency of my characterisation and flexibility to adapt it to any direction that may be thrown at me. I can’t wait to work with Ewa again.

Her work is always of the highest quality and can be conducted online or in-person with great clarity.

We met for the first time in person during the tech run of our second production.


Joe Facer /actor

I trained at the Drama Centre as an actor as well as NYT and a school in Moscow. Throughout all my training, I was constantly told to use my breath and understand its importance in my work. Although I tried my hardest, I could never understand what it was I was doing. Was it all just pretend? But then during my first session with Ewa, the penny dropped. 4 years of struggling to understand the concept was evaporated in a wonderful 5-minute exercise. I have never felt anything like it. And for that, I can never thank her enough.

Ewa is the most wonderful, kind, passionate and talented movement director I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her desire to create incredible work and her patience in the crafting of our art is second to none. An innovator, a wonderful human being. I cannot recommend Ewa enough

Avgi Pourgoura

/ Co-founder of Genome Theatre Company

Ewa has been collaborating with Genome Theatre Company since August 2020. As the movement director of Genesis 37, Ewa has shown remarkable talent and dedication. She has worked with great efficiency and enthusiasm under time pressure and the restrictions of lockdown.

Ewa has an excellent work ethos and a vibrant personality. She has innovative ideas and her input in creating Genesis 37 was incredibly valuable. She has a “yes and” approach, she is a good listener and is easily adaptable to changes. She has been crucial in the process of developing movement for all characters and worked with a surreal piece of theatre to produce innovative results.

There is no denying that Ewa is an amazing, talented artist and person.
I could not recommend her more.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about Ewa.


Anna Ostrovskaya/ Directress 

I’ve had a wonderful chance to work with Ewa creating the play “The Heart”.

As a young theatre director, I was searching for someone whom I could rely on 100% and Ewa became this person for me, and not just for me, for my actors and all the other creative collaborates. Since the first read-through, I felt, as Ewa knew everything I was visualizing for the scenes of the play. It was very important for me to create not just a simple collaboration between us, but combine movement and directing in one solid piece. With Ewa’s help, her great contribution, wild imagination, inspiring hard-working nature- it happened.

As a director I can say that Ewa’s work with actors was done with a high ethic, she was a careful listener and an amazing guide through the difficult world of body movement. While creating the performance with Ewa, I’ve always that our ideas were so deeply connected, it was hard to say who's the idea was the first one. I loved that it was never a competition of directors, but a strong bond, a collaboration that led to creating a strong, talented piece of theatre.

I would certainly recommend working with Ewa to everyone who wants to learn from an experienced, theatre-loving and hugely talented artist.


'Ewa is a very conscientious and hardworking person. She is always polite and has good interpersonal skills and she was always very helpful to the guests visiting Gardzienice Theatre. She is both reliable and responsible and had an excellent rapport with co-workers. Ewa was always deeply engaged in all the tasks entrusted to her and approached them with passion and enthusiasm. She can quickly learn from her mistakes, and work them out with the benefit of work. She brought to the work a lot of enthusiasm and creative initiative.

I believe, Ewa with her skills and openness for the people and work would perfectly fit any creative team'.

"Ewa has a very strong and nice personality and an amazing sense of human relations, an incredible adaptability, a real autonomy and strongness through work and special artistic demands.

Ewa is reflecting a real sense of extreme motivation. During the time we had together in studio, she had the capacity to work with fast understanding, great sense of musicality and technical precision.

She also graciously accepts constructive criticisms, and develop with enthusiasm work from it.

Ewa also involved herself in many community activities with a lot of success.

I wish Ewa the best in all of her future endeavors."

Alexis Jestin/ Underdog project 


"While working with her, I found Ewa an excellent artist with a strong determination and a passion for this career, her sophisticated devising and choreography skills stand out among all performers and lead the performance very well. I am also impressed by her physique during the intense rehearsals.


She is a great communicator and with a clear vision of life, she could easily capture a profound understanding of philosophy behind any structure of a performance piece. And I found that she is always willing to explore the new elements and being open to absorb other creative ideas."

Xinyi Shen/ Creative Producer

"In the process of devising the performance, Ewa always concentrates her efforts into the rehearsal and inspires the production to achieve the new development, her opening mode of thinking approaches the successful teamwork in a devising way, meanwhile riches the performance text into various possibilities of the practice. She also has substantial thinking ability of dialectics and logic, which shapes the dramaturgical perspective to be distinctly presented on the stage. 


I was impressed by Ewa’s ability to devise the performance magnificently in her artistic practice. During my acquaintance with her, she has been creative, professional, efficient, and a fantastic team member. "


Cong Cao/ Director, Scenographer

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