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Writer: Joe Facer & Adam Sandy
Director: Adam Sandy
Performers: Joe Facer & Beccie Allen
Movement Director: Ewa Emini


In a sleepy South Yorkshire town, nothing of interest really happens. Except for Alex, and on the odd occasion, his sister Maggie. For them, this town is a perfect place to go ghost hunting (and that’s not because half of the residents look dead). But when Alex and Maggie begin their hunt, it’s their own personal lives and recent loss that comes back to haunt them. 

Set in an old school hall, Alex & Maggie Go Ghost Hunting is the new play from To The Ocean that offers an authentic lens into life in a Northern town and a depiction of real ghostbusters (not really, Maggie doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing).

So join Alex and Maggie this Halloween for a night of spooky and paranormal encounters. 

Tickets Available here: Alex and Maggie Go Ghost Hunting - The Space 

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