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ROCK ROSE, represented during the ECHO Festival,

organized by Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio.

Yi Yang about her project: 'Texture is the mentality to know and describe the world, as well as a way of self-expression. It is the method by which time leaves traces in natural objects and human brains. Reality and illusion are allowed to mix in various layers at one time. In this project, performance and installation are intimately connected. The dancer's actions drive the change of the structure in different appearances, like the process of construction and deconstruction in a constant movement.  


The confrontation with the self is inevitable, and the communication with the outside always stops and continues. Confusion spreads through air, like the struggle against time. The act of touching will be repeated. In the world of texture, the only thing worth trusting is the body itself. Thinking and conclusions do not work. Let go of the existing cognition and enter another space beyond experience. The hidden world, the world of sacred mountains that have never appeared before, the world of noise, the world of rock rose. Sink into the trouble of sharpness from light and the unevenness of materiality.'  

Me about the movement for the play:

The movement concept for the ‘ROCK ROSE’ performance explores extremes informed by two opposite textures in the world constantly flowing from the staged performance to the life improvisation and vice-versa. Performance ties to capture nature and its patterns together with an essence of self, which travels beyond all of the concepts. Co-existing this two in one space makes them contradict but also complement each other. There is no self’ without the others there is no black without white also there is no life without death.

The performance uses illusion to present a story about the nature of everlasting life and its constant confrontation with the ego. Dancers lose themselves to become a part of something ‘bigger’ like an idea perhaps or a sense of belonging to the community and finding themselves again to revisit their own nature.

The movement structure of the performance links together such elements as symbols learned from nature (flowers, rocks, sea, bird, fish, dragon) understanding of self, structures in us and around us, limitations, connecting in between realities, communication, natural sense of timing.  Dancers are inviting the audience to their experimental world in which they are telling a story through the movement of their bodies alongside moving with the magnificent structure.

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