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SCROOGE is a contemporary adaptation of Charles Dickens' timeless masterpiece, "A Christmas Carol," delivered through an immersive one-man performance. This captivating production goes beyond conventional boundaries by incorporating live acting, dynamic movement, multimedia elements, and experimental lighting, inviting the audience to reconsider their preconceived notions of the iconic character.

In this rendition, SCROOGE meticulously examines the inner workings of Scrooge's mind, emphasizing the pervasive influence of societal roles that constantly haunt us. It illuminates the lack of opportunities for introspection, preventing us from fully comprehending the consequences and significance of our actions when we are denied the freedom to express our true selves. Throughout the play, Scrooge transforms into a tyrannical boss, a devoted lover, and a despondent uncle, yet remains unfulfilled until he confronts the precipice of his greatest terror—losing his sanity and, consequently, his identity.

Delving deep into the fundamental themes of the original narrative, SCROOGE presents a fresh interpretation of Dickens' tale by centering the performance around lived experiences and the mental struggles of one of literature's most notorious villains. By doing so, it sheds light on crucial topics such as self-love, mental well-being, societal pressures, toxic masculinity, and the personal sacrifices we make to achieve our individual aspirations.

Ultimately, SCROOGE serves as a profound exploration of the human condition, reminding us of the importance of nurturing our mental health, navigating social expectations, and comprehending the true cost of pursuing our dreams. Through this innovative production, audiences are invited to embark on a transformative journey that challenges their perspectives and deepens their understanding of Dickens' timeless story.

Audiences REVIEWS

"It really worked as a one man show - excellent casting.

Very clever adaptation - distinct in that it

challenges the binary nature of the Dickens story where the only option of morality is fully bad or fully good, and instead gets us to question "is bad sometimes good?" "What causes someone to become wicked?" "Maybe we're more like Scrooge than we'd like to think?" "Maybe reform is about making little changes but personality and character are different things"


LOVED that Scrooge was an Elvis fan! Not only is the actor an excellent Elvis impersonator, but it brought some further humanity to him and likeability, but also was this aspect of fun and light representative of the untainted Scrooge from before.


The team of two made such excellent use of the lighting and space and showed how much you can achieve with very very little! Using fairy lights, battery powered lamps, neon lights, handheld or strung up, symbolic props and a handy curtain as a portal for various characters!


The recurring Drowning motif was brilliant and worked so well as a transition. Movement direction was beautiful and clever and helped tell the story so well and create the sense of the supernatural and haunting."

Keziah Joseph/ Actress/Writer 


"This adaptation of Scrooge will stick with me for a long time. One actor, a dystopian time travel, a ghost and the spirit of Christmas. All masterfully combined at the top of a pub. Inside a black box. Brilliant."

Amalia Paschali Director/Drama Teacher

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