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LIVE ZOOM Performance

'Thank you so much for that awesome show!!! It brightened up my day 100% ! Huge respect to you and my total adoration. That was really wonderful!!!'

                                                Caroline  Steinbeis
                                                     Director for Stage and Screen



'What brilliant creativity and hard work.

I love that you’ve created this during lockdown, bringing people, movement, choreography, thought, breath, ideas, connection together via online digital technology.


I loved your choice of music throughout and your ambition in testing ideas. The structure of the piece I thought was excellent.  Wahoo for the dance party at the end!' 

It was beautiful' 

                                                                                                                                                           Sita Thomas 

                                                                                                   Artistic Director of Fio, Cardiff; presenter on Channel 5's


'Thanks for a wonderful performance.

I LOVED that the piece was live and digital. 

Sierra loved the piece, as well. So fun to see the design and rich movement.

We were so impressed to see the artists connecting from afar and to feel that connection, too.'



                                                                    Charles Douglas

                                                           Actor | Movement and Fight | Teacher


Premiered online 13th June 2020

TRANSMITTING, multidimensional has its beginning in the first international lockdown due to COVID-19 in march 2020, when together with other Movement Artists we decided to challenge new reality and test HOW YOU CAN WORK VIA ZOOM AND CREATE A MOVEMENT PERFORMANCE?

The performance was inspired by the psychological theory of levels of reality like also cognitive science and processes of self-discovering and self-understanding. But more than that it was a movement experiment which is a creative way connected people in front of their computers and invite them to experience some live entertainment and dance together to lift up morals in difficult times of pandemic.

Creative Team:

Director: Ewa Limanowka

Dancers/ co- creators: Joanna Gruntkowska, Kinga Brzuchacz, Natalia Lis, Kamila Zieba

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